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Container Industry Doubles Down on Digitalization

Thousands of container industry executives descended on Rotterdam this November for the annual Intermodal Europe show. Attended by container shipping lines, leasing companies, equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers and container service providers, this year’s edition was the busiest we have seen

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Trip-Based Telematics Adds New Possibilities to Reefer Container Management

When Maersk deployed their Remote Container Management (RCM) initiative in 2016 by outfitting all 270,000 of its refrigerated containers with ORBCOMM telematics devices, it set off a chain of events that would begin the transformation of the entire reefer shipping

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Disrupting the Cold Chain: 5 Key Takeaways from Cool Logistics

The 10th Cool Logistics Global congress took place in early October and, as usual, ORBCOMM joined as sponsor and speaker. Refrigerated container and trailer operations are key markets for our Internet of Things (IoT) tracking and monitoring solutions along with

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Digitizing Container Supply Chains: Why Live Data from the IoT Holds the Key

Maritime history is usually divided into separate eras: the Age of Navigation, the Age of Discovery, the Age of Sail, the Age of Steam and the Rise of Steamships and Motorships. During this time, innovations such as steering oars and

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Protecting Cargo Along Container Cold Chains: Shippers Need Visibility Now

With the Hanjin bankruptcy now official, the crisis serves as a reminder that when shippers of any cargo engage with great global container cold chains, ‘caveat emptor’ must be observed. Containerization, 60 years old in 2016, has done more for

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Smart Containers are Just the Start: How Connected Assets Will Drive the Digital Supply Chain Revolution

Ships. Dry containers. Reefer boxes. Tank containers. Chassis. Gensets. Tractors. Port and rail cranes. Mobile loading and handling equipment. The global container supply chain is literally awash with assets. From a 20,000TEU mega-ship, to a lift truck moving containers round

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Connecting Cargo Along the New Silk Road

The phrase “Silk Road” may once have brought to mind images from ancient history such as pack animals laden with goods crossing deserts, but that concept has now been replaced by pictures of high speed trains transforming China’s trade relationship

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Cargo Security: How Connected Containers Help Combat Crime

Cargo theft. Fraudulent pick-ups. Trafficking of drugs and weapons. People smuggling. Counterfeit and misdeclared goods. Tax and duty evasion. International container operations have always been vulnerable to criminal activity. And the risks continue to rise today, exposing shippers, the transport

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